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should I learn tech skills?

Launch your dream career

The tech industry is one of the most exciting ones to work in. Correction: it’s the most exciting one! But to make it in the tech world, you need some solid skills and knowledge. No other industry rewards expertise as much as tech.

Get better at your job

Today every industry is becoming more tech-focused. From education to manufacturing, every company is now integrating tech into its operations. Those who have tech skills will have a much easier time working with such tools.

Sharpen your problem solving skills

Tech skills are all about problem solving. You start with a problem, come up with a solution, and then test it to find issues or possible improvements. This is a skill that comes in handy in any job – and in everyday life!

Become a better leader

Since so many companies rely on technology right now, it’s essential that managers know how to work with tech people productively. And that’s impossible if they don’t know the first thing about tech as well as future digital trends. 

Our method - TechCollege inIT®

We know that the support of an experienced software developer is key during learning. That’s why 73% of our remote courses are based on classes with a dedicated trainer.

How does our Full-Time Immersive Remote course work?

5x / week
Classes are held from Monday to Friday (10 am - 5 pm)
3x / week
1:1 meeting with a dedicated mentor
1x / week
A motivation session to check your progress

Our method - TechCollege inIT®

We know that the support of an experienced software developer is the key during learning. That’s why 90% of our remote courses are based on classes with a dedicated instructor.

How does our Full-Time Immersive Remote course work?

2x / week

Classes are held at weekends, both days

All the time

 A dedicated mentor is there to help you during the classes

2x / course

Practical IT projects to be done in order to check your progress

What you get during the course

you get during the course

Participate in hands-on remote classes carried out live in a virtual classroom. You’ll have contact with the instructor and other students. During the classes, instructors discuss issues step by step and answer your questions.
Do you have additional questions? Would you like to learn more? The course schedule includes a summary workshop with a instructor. You can use it as an opportunity to ask questions about the material covered during previous classes.
This is the time allocated for independent work on the materials received at live workshops. To help you learn more, we provide an open room for communication with your classmates. If you have any questions, talk it over during the 1:1 session with your course mentor.
During remote live classes, you learn to program with an instructor. The instructor verifies your code continually and provides advice whenever you need it.

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Python Engineering

Get the essential knowledge about frontend and backend development, frameworks, and insights into software development management.

Comprehensive Java Basics

Learn the fundamentals of the most popular IT language in the world. Get to know how to create the first code lines with the environment used worldwide.


JavaScript is now one of the fastest-growing and most loved programming languages used in web development and beyond. It’s a must-have for any aspiring frontend developer.

Software Tester

Become a software tester and advance your career in an exciting QA team.
Master the art of manual testing and explore the world of automated testing.

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