October 13, 2021


Python Engineering - Learn one of the best programming language!

This demo workshop is a 2-hour introduction to our Software Engineering courses particularly for Python Engineering. Dive in and explore how it feels to be a part of our full remote program at TechCollege.

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During the event, you will learn:

A glance as a Developer, understanding the role and the career path you are about to take.
An Intro to Python Engineering, a peek to the endless possibilities of programming.
Learn software engineering and how much time it will take you.
How to find your first job in IT - and how we can help you with that!

Robert Dados

Webinar host
Robert started his IT career 9 years ago at Intel Corporation. Leaving the corporate world 2 years afterwards, he accepted a managerial position in a startup software house and helped it grow to over 40 employees, exceeding a million in annual turnover, where he was actively recruiting and managing IT teams. Currently he is a consultant, dedicating most of his time to people who would like to start an international career in the IT industry.

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